Area Overview

Alberta Light Oil Opportunity

AltaCorp Capital Inc. (“AltaCorp”), CIBC Capital Markets (“CIBC”) and Scotia Waterous Inc. (“Scotia”), collectively the “Advisors”, have been retained by Husky Oil Operations Limited (“Husky” or the “Company”) as exclusive advisors to solicit and evaluate proposals for selected assets in the Michichi area of Alberta.

Land Plat

It is the intention of Husky and the Advisors to conduct the process such that it minimizes any disruption to Husky’s operations. Interested parties should not contact Husky directly regarding any aspect of the process. All communications, enquiries and requests for information relating to the process should be directed to one of the Advisors listed herein.

Signed CAs should be forwarded by email to CIBC. Once a CA has been executed, confidential information will be made available to qualified parties via a Virtual Data Room (“VDR”). Process timeline will be communicated to the counterparties upon execution of a CA.

Michael Freeborn
Managing Director,
Head of Energy Investment Banking
Tel: (403) 221-4138

Bryan R. Berg
Executive Director,
Investment Banking Global Energy
Tel: (403) 216-6621

Colin Man*
Investment Banking Global Energy
Tel: (403) 260-0513

* Key contact for CA